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Auto Transmission Service Guelph Ontario | Royal City Fine Auto Service

Auto Transmission Service

Auto Transmission Service
Guelph, Ontario


What Is Transmission Service?

Regular car maintenance includes transmission service, just like an oil change. A transmission service primarily consists of replacing the old transmission fluid with new fluid.


What Components Are In An Automatic Transmission?

Some major parts of an auto's automatic transmission are: 

Torque Converter

Hydraulic Pump 

Planetary Gears

Transmission Clutches

Transmission Brakes

How Often Should I Service My Transmission?

It is recommended that manual transmissions be serviced every 50000 to 100,000 Km on average. The recommended interval for automatic transmissions is between 100000 and 160000 Km. There are a few other factors to consider, such as the type of transmission in your vehicle, the age of the vehicle, and how much you drive.

How Do I Know I Am Having Transmission Problems?

Some warning signs that you may be having transmission problems and should have your auto's transmission inspected are:

Unable To Switch Gears

Burning Smell

Noises When in Neutral

Slipping Gears

Dragging Clutch

Leaking Fluid

Check Engine Light On

Shaking Or Grinding

Unusual Sounds


Royal City Fine Auto Service offers Professional Automotive Transmission Service and Repair in Guelph Ontario. If you are experiencing any signs of auto transmission issues or problems contact our Service Department immediately to prevent further damage to your auto or put your safety at risk.

Book An Appointment Online now or Call 519-823-2277 to have one of our Certified, Licensed Technicians maintain or diagnose your auto and give you the best plan of action for service.

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