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Auto Heating Service Guelph Ontario | Royal City Fine Auto Service

Auto Heating System Service

Auto Heating System Service
Guelph, Ontario


What Is The Auto Heating System?

The auto heating system connects to the engines cooling system which uses heat from the engine to create warmth. The heater core performs like a small radiator that's connected to the engines cooling system. The cooling system is filled with liquid coolant and circulates between your auto's engine and the radiator.


What Are Components Of The Heating System?

Some of the components or your auto's heating system are:

Heater Core

Blower Motor

Heater Hoses

Heater Control Valve

Heater Control

Cabin Air Filter

What Are Signs My Auto's Heating Is Not Working Properly?

Some signs your auto may be having heating issues are:

Fog Inside Cabin

Sweet Smell In Cabin

Constant Coolant Loss

Cold Air

Hot Engine


Royal City Fine Auto Service offers Professional Automotive Heating System Service and Automotive Repairs in Guelph Ontario. If you are experiencing any signs of heating system issues or problems with your auto contact our Service Department immediately to prevent further damage to your vehicle or put your safety at risk.

Book An Appointment Online now or Call 519-823-2277 to have one of our Certified, Licensed Technicians maintain or diagnose your auto and give you the best plan of action for service.

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