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Auto Fuel System Service Guelph Ontario | Royal City Fine Auto Service

Auto Fuel System Service

Auto Fuel System Service
Guelph, Ontario


What Is An Auto Fuel System?

An auto fuel system means all the components involved in transporting, metering, and mixing the fuel from the fuel tank to the auto's engines combustion chamber, including the fuel tank, fuel tank cap, fuel pump, fuel filters, fuel lines, carburetor or fuel-injection components, and all fuel-system vents.


What Are Components Of An Auto Fuel System?

Some components and parts of an auto fuel system are:

Fuel Tank

Fuel Pump

Fuel Filter

Injectors Or Carburetor

Fuel Lines

Fuel Filler Hose

Fuel Gauge

Gas Cap

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Pulsation Damper

How Do I Know I Have Fuel System Problems?

You will hear and feel an auto's engine sputtering and struggling to produce power. This means there is not a constant stream of fuel being pumped into the auto's engine, although this could mean your auto has other mechanical problems. 

What Are Signs Of Fuel System Problems?

Some signs of fuel system problems are:

Engine Sputtering

Difficulty Starting

Fuel Tank Whining Sound

Lack Of Power

Poor Gas Mileage

Auto Surging

Fuel Tank Leaking

Failure To Start


Royal City Fine Auto Service offers Professional Automotive Fuel System Service and Automotive Repairs in Guelph Ontario. If you are experiencing any signs of fuel system issues or problems with your auto contact our Service Department immediately to prevent further damage to your vehicle or put your safety at risk.

Book An Appointment Online now or Call 519-823-2277 to have one of our Certified, Licensed Technicians maintain or diagnose your auto and give you the best plan of action for service.

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